Passage New Zealand to Fiji, Day 1. No, really.

Those of you watching our SPOT tracker will see we have been having a merry time exploring an unremarkable patch of ocean. But hey, we were told it would be good to put more hours on our engine. Turns out we did that.

After gathering as much info as we could and the Stans poring over our options, we have decided to alter course again. We have chosen a route that takes us fairly far northwest in the direction of New Caledonia, keeping us to the west of the big low. After it makes its way southeast we can make a right turn and angle back toward Fiji.

We are in for some uncomfortable seas of the following variety at some point, but with a watchful eye on both systems as they develop, we should be able to stay safe and get to Fiji.

We’ll update with our conditions tomorrow.

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