Looking Back: Vietnam and Cambodia

While curating our photos yesterday, I came upon some gems from a “land travel” side trip of several weeks to Vietnam and Cambodia, which we never got around to posting on our blog. I thought some of you might appreciate an armchair tour in photographs.

There are some places better visited by plane, rather than on your own boat. Vietnam is such a destination, because government regulations make it utterly impractical for a private boat to cruise there. In 2016, we were aboard Buffalo Nickel (the Elder) in Phuket, Thailand when we decided to take one of the cheap regional flights to Hanoi. We made our way south to Ho Chi Minh City (also called Saigon) then traveled by hired boat along the Mekong River, ending in Phnom Penh, Cambodia a week later.

This post is a series of pictures. They speak for themselves by and large, so I will not narrate (except to point out that, yes, that one dish is stir-fried insects!) Scroll your way through the photos at your own pace. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into a historic and wonderful part of the world.


6 thoughts on “Looking Back: Vietnam and Cambodia

  1. Gorgeous photos and love all of the color and smiling faces! Absolutely 2 of my favorite countries so thanks for sharing:)

  2. Excellent photos, Stan, especially the close-ups of the people. My favorite is the black and white of the little girl looking back over her shoulder. National Geographic wants to hire you!

  3. These are great pictures….so interesting…….Good people….. Goes to show what most people want in life:  just don’t bomb me or my family, enough to eat and shelter…….

  4. I can’t get over all y’all have done and experienced. I feel fortunate to experience life vicariously through y’all please keep up the blog and your travels.


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  5. Thanks, so very much, for sharing your remarkable life, boat(s), and travels. Our lives are truly enriched by your sharing your investment of your time, energy, (money), and adventures. On behalf of all of us who so appreciate y’all and this wonderful blog, we, heartfully, thank you. : )

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